“Security is your concern. Helping you provide it is ours!”


1. Retain , Grow and Diversify 
2. Advance Knowledge AND Opportunity 
3. Expand and Professionalize



James D. Alves, Jr., CPP
Rick Bargmon, CPP
Bret C. Bartlett, PCI
Alvin Kenneth Brown, Esq., CPP, PCI
James A. Como, CPP
Anita K. Crosby, PSP
William B. Davis, CPP
Jorge L. Dominguez, CPP
Daniel J. Doyle, CPP
Dorman L. Duncan, Jr., CPP
Brandon K. Edwards, CPP
Richard K. Eldard, CPP
Joseph A. Fanciulli, CPP
Frank Finley II, PSP
Kristopher C. Foreman, CPP
Lance R. Foster, CPP
Linda Gagliardo, CPP, PSP
Ovila “Ollie” T. Gagnon, III, CPP, PSP
Douglas L. Glenn, PSP
Angus “Gus” Graham, PSP
Craig S. Gundry, PSP
Laura L. Haines, CPP
Dennis M. Heaps, CPP, PSP
Benny D. Helms Jr., CPP
Shawn J. Huskey, CPP
David A. Jones, CPP 

Michael G. Keys, CPP
Dale “Libby” Libhart, CPP
Steven C. Milwee, CPP
Susana M. Mueller, PSP
Kenneth E. Nelson, CPP
Howard R. Northrop, PSP
Robert T. Parke, PSP
James J. Parrish, Jr., CPP
Albert L. Perotti, Jr., CPP
Michael Perotti, CPP
Marcie C. Roberts, CPP
Mervin H. Ricketts, CPP
Patricia A. Schmitt, CPP
Bill Schoepf, CPP
Carl W. Stark, PSP
Bruce R. Sullivan, CPP
Dave M. Sylvester, PSP
David Torgerson, PSP
Dr. Rene J. Trasorras, CPP
Steven W. Tursi, CPP
James P. Ulery, CPP
Robert M. Weronik, CPP
Brodrick N. Williams, CPP
Bruce E. Wimmer, CPP
Rudy A. Wolter, CPP
Christopher Kyle Young, PSP